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Tahini 460g Net

 Product CodeTahini | Hulled Sesame Seeds Paste.
 Weight Net: 470 g.
 Weight Gross:500 g.
 Barcode #: 
 Packaging:Plastic ( Recyclable ).
 Unit per Case:18 Jar.

Product Details


100% with Hulled Sesame Seeds.

Sesame Oil is naturally separated from the mixture. Shake (Stir) Well Before Use.


Keep in a cool and dry place, Keep away from direct sunlight & humidity.


The product contains sesame seed and a product of sesame seed tahini.

Nutrition Information:

Servings Per Package:  
Serving Size: 25g
 Quantity Per ServingQuantity Per 100g
Energy704,0 kJ.2816 kJ.
ProteinLess Than 5,67 g.Less Than 22,7 g.
Fat, Total14,50 g.58,0 g.
– Saturated2,70 g.10,8 g.
Carbohydrate2,62 g.10,5 g.
– Sugars0,0 g.0,0 g.
Fibre2.10 g.8.4 g.
Sodium100 mg.400 mg.

Quantities stated above are averages only. Further nutritional information may be displayed on the product label.

Organic and pure Tahini tends to separate. The oils separate and come on top while the solids settle down below. The separation can be fixed with a whisk, a hand mixer, or a blender to restore the creamy consistency.


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